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Cherie F., Amazon Reviewer

What starts out as an errand to bring a media magnate’s daughter back from a bender turns deadly when Cassidy exposes a shocking truth – one that draws terrifying parallels to her own dark past.

Finding Izzy Ford

She studies treacherous eruptions for a living. But has this geologist just turned over the wrong stone?

Dr. Cassidy Kincaid survived extreme emotional pressure only to come out stronger. And while teaching the university’s summer geology camp has helped distract her from her fiancé’s mysterious death, she’s eager to return to her ground-breaking volcanic research. But her work studying a critical eruption could go up in smoke when a troubled student disappears on her way back to campus…

Retracing the reckless student’s steps, Cassidy can’t help but see a foolish young version of herself in the missing girl. So she’s terrified of what she’ll find along a twisted trail of X-rated scandals, biker gangs, and San Francisco’s seedy underground. But what she never expected to uncover—was a clue to her own tragic past.

Can Cassidy save the coed and her lifelong ambitions before both vanish without a trace?

Finding Izzy Ford is the third book in the suspenseful Cassidy Kincaid amateur sleuth series. If you like tough heroines, sinister twists, and tension-filled pages, then you’ll love Amy Waeschle’s gripping novel.

Finding Izzy Ford