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The fast pace of the story and beguiling surfing descriptions will keep readers turning the pages. It isn’t necessary to be a surfer to stay submerged in this tale, and the ending is as satisfying as the tantalizing ride.

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About The Book

A devoted ER doctor. Her neglectful mother. Can a journey of a lifetime heal their troubled past?

Dr. Lorna Jacob yearns for something she’s never had: a deep family connection. But when her estranged mother shows up in the ER, she becomes caught in the current of obligation, guilt, and anger. The discovery of a terminal illness forces an agonizing choice: walk away for good or give one last chance to a relationship that died long ago.

After her mother disappears once again, Lorna’s desire to finally understand her past leads her to a small Mexican town with big waves. But to help her mother fulfill a dying wish, she must embark on a terrifying journey. And as a powerful storm rolls in, Lorna must make a choice that could haunt her forever.

Pushing herself to her limits, will Lorna’s quest end in heartbreak or freedom?

Going Over the Falls is a touching tale of women’s fiction. If you like exotic locales, complex relationships, and the healing power of love and forgiveness, then you’ll adore Amy Waeschle’s powerful novel.

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